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Hi, I'm Will.

I’m not like the other technical writers out there. I know... you probably hear that a lot. However, besides putting pen to paper on a regular basis I am also an IT security consultant and owner of a privacy advocacy group, Privacy Australia.
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Who Is Will Ellis?

For as long as I can remember I have been worried about the privacy and security of myself and everyone around me. I helped my parents move away from writing their passwords down on paper in front of their computers when I was 11. I even received my first detention for orchestrating a coup when I found out my primary school teacher was reading our class journals.

Since then, I have continued to fight the good fight but through more professional means. After beginning my career at IBM, I struck out on my own to aid SMBs in their own battle against malicious parties, would be data-thieves, and hackers of any kind.

In the years that followed, I found that I also had the urge to help my fellow countrymen protect themselves against prying eyes. I started Privacy Australia with the goal of helping every-day people maintain their private and secret lives on the internet.

I now love to educate others by writing for established audiences that have an appreciation for in-depth security topics. Whether those topics be penetration testing or social engineering, I always provide thoroughly researched prose backed up by years of practical experience with the goal of providing value to the end reader.

What I primarily do

I write about security and technology for audiences ranging from the extremely informed to the lowly beginner. I do this through real-world experience and thorough research.


Technical Writing

When I write about any security or technology subject I provide a detailed explanation and clear direction if necessary. My writing style is straightforward, efficient, and easy to understand.


Feature Writing

Technical writing isn’t all I do. I take pride in providing memorable and creative commentary on important news and updates. My experience in the field and finger on the pulse of cybersecurity happenings supports any and all opinions I provide.


I offer high-level editing services that transcend grammar corrections. I can provide feedback to aid any piece surrounding my areas of expertise.

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